Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunrise - Norah Jones

Norah Jones (Geethali Norah Jones Shankar), is one of jazz female
singer who is well known around the world.

She is an American singer-songwriter, pianist,
keyboardist, guitarist, and occasional actress.

Her Father Ravi Shankar, a sitarist give her a blood line
to be involved in music.

Jones' career was launched by her 2002 debut album
Come Away with Me, which is sold 25 million
copies worldwide and received five Grammy Awards.

Her Third Album "Not Too Late" reached the #1 position in twenty countries.
The album became the 800th album to reach the top spot on the UK chart.

What's About :
Simple song but meaningful by Norah Jones, it shown that in the morning, the love will come
to us and we never know what will happen today. It is full of surprise, but we hope,
everything will be ok , When the night come, we'll wait for the other sunrise
to make the series of our life and love journeys.

Genre : Jazz

Lyric :

Looks like morning in your eyes
But the clock's held 9:15 for hours

Couldn't tempt us if it tried
Cuz the afternoon's already come and gone

And I said
Hooo, hooo, hooo
To you

Couldn't find it in your eyes
But I'm sure it's written all over my face

Never something I could hide
When I see we made it through another day

Then I say
Hooo, hooo, hooo
To you

And now the night
Will throw its cover down, ooo, on me again
Ooh, and if I'm right
It's the only way to bring me back

Hooo, hooo, hooo
To you
Hooo, yeah, hooo, hooo
To you
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